VTube-LASER v1.63

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Revision 1.63

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Check.jpg NEW: Select and Configure any number of Reports

Vtube-laser report templates list.jpg

The Report menu was redesigned so that operators choose from a list of report templates to show any one of several reports.

  • Give each report template a name that is linked to an external report template file.

  • Change the list (Add, Delete, Move the template up or down).

  • Edit any template in the included Notepad++ editor (installs with v1.63).

  • Explore the folder that contains the templates.

  • There is no limitation on the number of templates allowed.

  • The report template setup is stored local to the computer (not in project files).

Vtube-laser report templates control.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Added LENGTH grid in the Inspection Menu

Vtube-laser length grid closeup.jpg

The new Length grid shows the MASTER, MEASURED, and differences between the two.

Use these values to know how much to change the pre-bending material cut length.

The Crosscheck values were moved into this grid. (Crosscheck is a measure of the straight line from end A to end B.)

Vtube-laser length grid.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Updated the graphics engine for faster redraws.

  • Added more report values - master length, measured length, delta between measured and master, bender setup LRA

  • Updated the manual and help file.

  • Now include the Notepad++ editor with the installation of VTube-LASER for editing HTML Report Templates.

  • New graphics images in the Measure Setup menu to make the menus easier to identify quickly.

  • Opened the end-scan tolerance for radius segment scanning to 10 times the tolerance for regular end-scans. This allows for measuring highly deformed cylinders inside a radius.

  • Diameter measures now use the Cylinder scan rate filter setup values.

  • Diameter measures automatically enable only the SCANNED and CALCULATED data on the screen.

Vtube laser mastermeasurelengths report.jpg
Vtube laser measuresetup laser.jpg
Vtube laser diametermeasure scanned and calculated.jpg

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in newer versions

  • No known issues

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