VTube-LASER v1.61

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Revision 1.61

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Vtube-laser 1 61.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Floating End Letters

Floating end letters can be switched on to help identify the ends A and B of the tube.

Control the state of the labels in the View Control pane on the right side of the screen.

Vtube-laser floating end labels checkbox.jpg

Vtube-laser floating end labels.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Can Automatically Expanded or Reduced End A and End B Diameter

If either End A or End B are set to a value of ZERO, then they will be automatically calculated based on the straight measurement adjacent to the end of the tube.

The Part Setup on the right is from a measurement of B end tube straight where a 1.130" expansion was measured. End B was set to zero, and VTube automatically filled in the expanded end diameter.

Vtube-laser partsetup grid autoset enddiameter.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Automatically Set a ZERO Default Radius to 1.5 Times the Diameter

Vtube-laser automatic default radius setup.jpg

If VTube discovers a default radius value of ZERO, then it will automatically reset the default radius to 1.5 times the nominal diameter before converting to the measured menu.

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • The Diameter Measure control was redesigned.

  • The Apply to Nominal Diameter button in the Diameter Measure control now properly transfers diameter data to the Part Setup menu.

  • The Apply to Nominal Radius button in the Radius Measure control now properly transfers radius data to the Part Setup menu.

  • The End B diameter is no longer overwritten by the End A diameter.

Vtube-laser diameter measure apply nominal diameter.jpg

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in newer versions

  • The A End and B End OFFSETs other than ZERO caused a problem where end-scans would never be qualified. Fixed in VTube-LASER v1.62

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