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Revision 1.6

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Vtube-laser 1 6.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: End Scan Outlier Detection

Vtube-laser endscan outlier example.jpg

The end scan procedures in VTube-LASER are now enhanced to detect and remove outlier points in an end-scan.

In the context of VTube-LASER, an "outlier" is a point that falls outside the space of the actual surface being scanned.

The image at the right shows a side view of the result of an end-scan of a tube. The LLP (laser line probe) is positioned above the tube at the top of this image and is pointed downward in the direction of the left black arrow. The laser is moving downward along its path from the probe. It is then reflected back to the receiver of the scanner in the path of the right arrow.

Most of the points fall on the surface of the outside of the tube, inside the tube, or wall of the tube. However, there is also an outlier point present (enclosed in the red lines at the top). It cannot possibly part of the diameter. (These points were formed from a higher-than-normal reflective points on the inside of the diameter.

The outlier point is detected and then removed from the list of possibilities automatically because it is not close enough to the diameter or wall of the diameter.

This ensures repeatability of the end-scan process.

Vtube-laser endscan outlier detection.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: New Features and Interface in Measure Setup

The new grid interface in in Measure Setup has more options.

New options include:

  • Continuous Scan on Tactile Cylinder-Scans: Scan points repeatedly whenever you press the green button.

  • Continuous Scan on Tactile End-Scans: Scan points repeatedly whenever you press the green button.

  • Automatic display of Master model: Show the master model with the current straight highlighted orange during measure.

Vtube-laser measuresetup displayofmastermodel.jpg

Vtube-laser measuresetup grid.jpg

This is an image from continuous ball probe scanning:
Vtube-laser continuous tactile.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: New Options in Part Setup

New A-End Diameter and B-End Diameter is added to the Part Setup menu.

The new diameters are used to qualify end-scans within the tolerance that is set in System Options (defaults to 1 mm).

Vtube-laser endscan diameter qualification tolerance.jpg

If either diameter is ZERO at measure time, then it will be reset to the current diameter value. This prevents a false rejection of good end-scan data.

Vtube-laser partsetup grid 1 6.jpg

Check.jpg Other Changes

  • Better math handling when the radius is set to zero.

  • Much more efficient redraws in the view port

  • Small user interface fixes and refinements

  • The maximum number of LLP strings per measure allowed is increased in the Measure 2 tab of the Systems Options menu.

  • The Measure a Tube control is changed to allow you to qualify the image on the screen before exiting the measure process. This adds a step to the measure process.

  • Include End A Diameter and End B Diameter variables in Supravision file import and export.

  • New help file and manual with updates and additional sections like "How to Scan a Straight."

Vtube-laser finish apply measure 1 6.jpg

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in next version

  • The Apply to Nominal Diameter button in the Diameter Measure control did not properly transfer diameter data to the Part Setup menu.

  • The Apply to Nominal Radius button in the Radius Measure control did not properly transfer radius data to the Part Setup menu.

  • The End B diameter was overwritten by the End A diameter when the End A diameter changed.

  • The End A and End B diameter of zero would stop a reverse-engineering of the end without a diameter entered. This has been resolved with the automatic set End Diameter feature in the next version.

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