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Revision 1.58

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Vtube-laser 1 58.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Construct Tube in 3D Space

Tube shapes can now be constructed by pointing the arm ball probe to the end points and intersection points.

This feature allows you to route a tube in 3D space.

The feature is used by our customers to construct tube routes in a vehicle's engine compartment or under the car on a lift.

Vtube-laser 1 58 constructtube control.jpg

Vtube-laser 1 58 constructtube closeup.jpg

Vtube-laser 1 58 constructtube.jpg

The new Construct Tube Control (shown above) allows you to point to any location in space to designate an end point or an intersection point. It also allows you to increase the number of straights/points on-the-fly. This allows operators to change the number of points at any time during the measurement process.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Measure Tube Control - Decrease / Increase Button

Operators can now increase or decrease the number of straights to measure in the tube on-the-fly if necessary. The new Decrease/Increase buttons are inserted on the control.

The control also shows the total number of straights being measured. So now the control will read, for example "Straight 1 of 5" - rather than just "Straight 1."

Vtube-laser 1 58 measuretube control.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Show SCANNED or CALCULATED Graphic Data Any Time

VTube now allows operators to show or hide the orange scanned points or the large orange calculated end and intersection points at any time.

Vtube-laser 1 58 scanned calculated display.jpg.

Check.jpg NEW: Auto Display SCANNED and CALCULATED

Vtube-laser 1 58 autodisplay scanned calculated.jpg

The Draw Options feature is new to Measure Setup. You can select these two options if you want the SCANNED or the CALCULATED data to display or not during measurement. If both features are unchecked, then the tube measurement shows now realtime graphics data during measurement - like other measurement software.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Highlighted Cylinder Fit Box During High Error

Vtube-laser 1 58 cylinderfit highlight.jpg

The cylinder fit box highlights to YELLOW when it encounters a measurement in the tube that is outside the preprogrammed tolerance for cylinder fit.

Check.jpg Issues with this version fixed in next version

  • When using tactile end-measure and laser straight measure in the same tube, the tactile measurements would never be offset by the ball radius. Don't mix tactile and laser measurements in this version or previous versions of VTube.
  • See VTube-LASER v1.59

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