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Revision 1.57

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Check.jpg NEW: Import Supravision Files

Supravision files are stored on Supravision-based measuring centers. Customers that migrate to VTube-LASER from Supravision will not lose any of their project data because you can use Supravision project files to setup VTube-LASER.

All appropriate values are imported. (See the Supravision Protocol entry below).

For old-style SV files created by the DOS version of Supravision, we can supply a SVFILE Converter program to convert the files/folders to newer long filenames.

Vtube-laser 1 57 importSV.jpg.

Check.jpg NEW: Transfer New Values in Supravision Protocol

New values are included in Supravision file transfers and Supravision Network transfers from benders (imports/exports/bender corrections):

  • Comment 1
  • Comment 2
  • Default Radius
  • A End Offset
  • B End Offset
  • Tube Elongation Percentage
  • Fixed Springback
  • Proportional Springback

Check.jpg NEW: Recall the BENDER MASTER XYZ to Establish the VTube Master

You can now ask the bender to give you the MASTER XYZ data if that data exists on the bender.

The Bender Setup toolbar on the right has a new button that allows you to RECALL MASTER XYZ from a bender to create the MASTER data in VTube.

Before the transfer occurs, VTube will ask you to confirm that you mean to overwrite the MASTER data in VTube.

If the incoming bender data does not have MASTER XYZ data, then VTube will warn you and stop the transfer.

Vtube-laser 1 57 recallbendermaster.jpg.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Bender Setup Redesigned

Vtube-laser 1 57 bendersetup bendernumber.jpg

The Bender Setup user interface menu was redesigned.

  • The bender number font size is larger.
  • The toolbar on the right is more compact.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Negative Lengths or Bend Angles are ZEROED

Vtube-laser 1 57 bendersetup zeroedlength.jpg

Bender Lengths and angles that calculate negative values are zeroed.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Springback Compensation for Corrections

The springback compensation values in the Bender Setup menu are now calculated based on the adjustment value alone.

  • For example, if the adjustment value for a 90 degree bend is found to be +3 degrees, then the springback compensation added to the bend is calculated based on 3 degrees, not 93 degrees.

  • The springback compensation works for both positive and negative adjustments. A positive adjustment will add springback. A negative adjustment will remove springback.

  • VTube will not use springback for small adjustment values. The "Use springback compensation for bend adjustments greater than or equal to:" setting in the Bender Setup menu controls this.

Vtube-laser 1 57 bendersetup automatic adjustment springback.jpg

Vtube-laser 1 57 bendersetup automatic adjustment springback limit.jpg.

Check.jpg NEW: Transfer Master LRA to Setup LRA with Springback Compensation

When transferring data from the VTube MASTER LRA to the BENDER SETUP LRA, automatic springback compensation is automatically applied if the springback values are non-zero.

Vtube-laser 1 57 bendersetup master2setup autospringback.jpg.

Check.jpg NEW: Part Name in Toolbar

Vtube-laser 1 57 toolbar filename.jpg

The current part name is now displayed in the toolbar below the VTube-LASER logo.

Check.jpg NEW- Springback Values Transfer from Overbend

VTube-LASER can now receive springback data from Overbend with the press of a single button in the Overbend Calculator.

Vtube-laser 1 57 overbend sendvaluestovtube.jpg

Vtube-laser 1 57 overbend transfer.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Other Changes

  • Added high precision angular decimal places value in System Option/Math

  • Made Comments to display after the file has loaded and the graphic is displayed on the screen.

  • The BEST FIT alignment procedure is fine tuned to run about 6 times faster than in previous versions with no loss of accuracy.

  • Improvements/fixes to Supravision RECALL procedures.

Vtube-laser 1 57 benderrecall.jpg

Vtube-laser 1 57 highprec angledecimalplaces.jpg

Vtube-laser 1 57 partcomments.jpg

Vtube-laser 1 57 bestfit image.jpg

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