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Revision 1.56

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Check.jpg NEW: Springback Compensation

VTube now uses standard springback-compensation variables in the Part Setup menu. Here are some points about the feature:

  • The fixed springback value is a degree value added to every bend.

  • The proportional springback value is a percentage multiplied against every bend.

  • The values are used to anticipate springback of material in bending and compensate by over bending if necessary during correction.

  • The values are always used automatically in the Bender Setup menu. (See below for more details).

Vtube-laser 1 56 part setup springback.jpg

  • If the values are ZERO, then they are effectively switched off.

  • The values can be calculated using the Advanced Tubular Technologies Overbend Calculator.

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Bender Setup Menu With Springback Values

The Bender Setup menu now includes columns for springback adjustment calculations where you can view how much the part is changed by the springback values.

These values are automatically calculated in this menu from the Part Setup "Fixed" and "Proportional" Springback values.

Vtube-laser 1 56 bendersetupmenu closeup.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Overbend Calculator Included In Installation

Use the Overbend Calculator to calculate springback values for Part Setup in VTube-LASER.
Overbend calculator 7 3.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Bender Setup Menu Column Color Changes

The Bender Setup menu shows color columns for any column with data that can be edited on the fly.

Gray columns are not editable in the grid.

Vtube-laser 1 56 bendersetupmenu closeup columns.jpg

Vtube-laser 1 56 bendersetupmenu.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Bender Setup Menu Popup Menu for Rotations

Sometimes the corrected rotation value may move in the wrong direction.

The Bender Setup menu has new popup menus for the rotation and rotation adjust cells that allow you to quickly invert the rotation to change the rotation directions (to help in bender setup).

Vtube-laser 1 56 bendersetupmenu closeup rotation invert.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - New Fields in the Reports

The reports have fields added - like "comments", and "wall".
Vtube-laser v1 56 reportfirstpage.jpg
An XYZ deviation chart can now be programmed into the reports:
Vtube-laser v1 56 reportxyzdev.jpg

Check.jpg FIX - Cylinder Fit Tolerances Saved to Project File

The Cylinder Fit tolerances are now save to project files.

Vtube-laser 1 56 cylinderfit tolerance settings.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Other Changes

  • The LRA bender adjustment values automatically recalculate every time a project file is loaded.
  • The Part Setup grid cells resize vertically if text no longer fits.
  • The caption in VTube-LASER updates to the correct file name after a file save.

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