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Revision 1.55

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Check.jpg NEW: Radius Segment Scan Method

Since radius sections are often highly distorted with ovality and changing radius values along the bend, this new radius scan-segment measurement method allows for more accurate averaging of radius measurement for reverse-engineering of radius values by allowing users to scan as many as 10 arc segments if necessary for better averaging of radius values.

The new Set Segment Scan Count box allows you to enter from 3 to 10 segments to measure per arc. (Also see the enhanced Measure Process menu below.)

Vtube-laser radius segment measurement graphic.jpg

Vtube-laser radius segment scan count.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Measure Process Menu

The enhanced Measure Process menu is reorganized. The menu includes the new Straight Count box - which was moved from the Measure Setup menu.

The menu also includes a new field for the new Radius Segment Scan - segment count.

Vtube-laser measureprocess v1 55.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Measure Setup Menu

The Measure Setup program is condensed because the Straight Count setting has been moved to the Measure Process menu for consistency.

Vtube-laser measuresetup v1 55.jpg

Check.jpg FIX - Measure Tube XYZ Data Build

This version fixes a bug found in version 1.54 where the Measured XYZ data may not update after a measure.

Please be sure to use this version rather than v1.54.

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Best Fit Alignment Mathematics

New features were added to prevent unnecessary errors/warnings from displaying for parts that align too closely with the master part.

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