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Revision 1.54

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Vtube-laser screen 1 54.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - DRO: Digital Readout

The digital readout was added to give feedback for the arm motion and arm diagnostics.

Vtube-laser dro.jpg

Vtube-laser dro closeup.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Arm as Mouse Feature

The automatic "arm as a mouse" feature is enhanced so that the arm can be used as a mouse whenever a dialog displays on the screen - even in the middle of tube measurement. As soon as the dialog closes and measuring resumes, the arm as a mouse feature switches off.

The Arm Mouse state button is used to change the state of the arm as mouse.

Vtube-laser viewcontrol.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - Automatic Clear Measure Process After End B Measure

Now the Measure Tube process automatically clears from the screen after the data from End B is collected

This causes the tube measure control to close automatically.

Vtube-laser tubemeasurecontrol endb.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Realtime Calculation of Intersection

Intersection points are calculated in realtime and displayed on the screen as orange points.

This means that they are calculated as soon as possible during the measurement. This helps make the MOVE command and other commands that rely on realtime information possible.

Vtube-laser intersectionpoints.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Realtime Calculation of Intersection Error

Each point is checked for a Maximum Intersection Error which is set in the Measuring 2 tab of the System Options menu. The default tolerance is 2mm, or 0.078 inches.

If an intersection error calculates beyond the tolerance, then VTube stops and warns the operator of a potential problem, then allows him to remeasure or continue to the next straight.

Vtube-laser intersection error idialog.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Code Signing of VTube.exe

The VTube program is now code signed in order to comply with the Microsoft Authenticode requirements.

  • Ensures authenticity - users that they know where the code came from
  • Ensures integrity - verifies that code has not been tampered with since publication
  • Reduces error messages and security warnings on download and installation on Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers

Vtube-laser codesigned.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - Verified Bluetooth Compatible

VTube-LASER is verified to work with the FARO ScanArm Bluetooth connection. This allows connection to the FARO arms within 30 feet of the VTube-LASER computer without cables.

Vtube-laser bluetooth.jpg
Vtube-laser systemtray bluetooth.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED - VTube-LASER Setup Files Include the FARO USB Setups

The VTube-LASER installation setup now includes the FARO USB drivers for either 32 or 64 bit computers.

Usb connector.jpg

Check.jpg NEW - PDF Printer Driver Setup Included in Installation

Now every VTube-LASER installation can also install a PDF printer driver for easy output of inspection reports in the PDF format. This lets operators create historical fixed reports with static date/time for a record of qualification of the tube shape.

The two programs installed are the CutePDF Writer printer driver and the GPL Ghostscript program - which is required by the CutePDF Writer print driver to operate.

Gpl ghostscript installation.jpg
Cute pdf installation.jpg

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