VTube-LASER Tube Clamp

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The VTube-LASER tube clamp holds tube shapes for measuring.

The tube clamp uses a quick clamping system for instant tube grip and positioning.



  • It has a heavy and stable base. The total weight is 17.5 lbs (8 kg).

  • The pillar is easy to grip.

  • The ball and socket joint allow for flexible positioning.

  • It includes a plastic covered T-handle for better feel during tightening or loosening.

  • The clamp handle can spin close and open with a few hits.

  • The base and pillar finish is industrial-grade glossy black finish.

  • The bottom uses non-slip cork for good surface grip.

Tubeclamp empty vertical.png

Tubeclamp down.png

Clamp Sizes

Various clamp sizes can be made to order.

  • The clamp systems can be designed to hold tube and pipe from 1/8 inch(3mm) up to 6 inch (150mm). The clamps shown on this page are for up to 2.5 inch (63.5 millimeter) diameter parts.)

  • The overall height is 12 inches (305 millimeters).

Tubeclamp height.png

Tubeclamp jawwidth 3inches.png

Tube clamp sizes available:

  • 1.0 inches (25 millimeters)
  • 2.5 inches (63 millimeters)
  • 4.5 inches (114 millimeters)
  • 6.0 inches (152 millimeters)

Other Images

Tubeclamp jaws closeup.png Tubeclamps holdingtube2.png

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