VTube-LASER Prioritizes Measuring Tube Straights

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  • Why does VTube-LASER measure tube straights the way it does?

  • Can VTube-LASER measure the entire tube, including the bend profiles, like its competition?

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YES, It can measure the entire tube - including bend profiles. However, it, by default, prioritize straights over the bends for a reason.

Why VTube-LASER Prioritizes Straights

VTube-LASER, by default, encourages the scanning of straights alone (not bends) in order to get to the shape qualification as quickly as possible. Because it uses LASER scan data, it can also scan bend profiles to give the total collapse on the outside of the bend. This is a secondary operation. This is a secondary operation so that users can choose to scan or not to scan the bend profiles.

An Answer For The Marketing Claims of Our Competition

Customers tell us that the marketers of one competing software package claim that its method of scanning the entire tube is better than the VTube-LASER segmented method. However, we and hundreds of our customers disagree with this claim. Our opinion is that the continuous scanning method is a disadvantage in ease-of-use and speed and productivity. VTube-LASER scans only what is necessary to get the job done quickly for shape qualification. There is no gain in scanning more data than one needs to qualify the tube shape. VTube-LASER always prioritizes the speed of the process by allowing users to avoid measuring attributes that have no value for their application.

This approach (we are told by users) makes VTube-LASER both easier and faster.  One European OEM bender manufacturer experienced with both VTube-LASER and the competing software told us that he always chooses VTube-LASER over the other software package because it is much easier and faster to use.

What About VTube-LASER Compared to Generic Metrology Software?

Generic metrology software packages, like PC-DMIS from HEXAGON, CAM2 from FARO or Polyworks from Innovmetric, can scan tubing too. They are great for measuring generic prismatic shapes or curved surfaces. However, the process for measuring tube shapes is more complicated to set up and use than in VTube-LASER.

  • One customer told us that, when scanning tube shapes with general metrology software, he observed that the general software needed data from all sides of the tube - which meant it required too much time to scan a simple tube. (This is something never required by VTube-LASER).

  • No general metrology software includes a huge database of benders to which it can connect like VTube-LASER for bender corrections. VTube-LASER can connect with up to 100 benders using scores of bender protocols. Plus VTube-LASER includes these protocols at no extra charge, and the VTube-LASER team are experts in bender connections. (We created the trademark "Benderlink" in 1993.)