VTube-LASER Precision Weight Control Alignment

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This feature was added in VTube-LASER v2.8.


PRECISION WEIGHT CONTROL alignment allows you to completely turn off certain sections of the tube for alignment or give emphasis to any section just by setting weights from 0 to 1000.

A weight of "0" tells VTube to ignore the point completely in alignment. A weight of 1 means "give it 1 times the normal weight." A weight of 2 means "give it double weight."

This shows emphasis given to end A. Note that some of the alignment weights are ZERO - which means that those points are ignored in the alignment.

VTube-STEP v2.8 precisionweightcontrol alignment enda.png

This shows emphasis given to end B.

VTube-STEP v2.8 precisionweightcontrol alignment endb.png

This shows emphasis given to the middle straight.

VTube-STEP v2.8 precisionweightcontrol alignment middle.png


The T1 and T2 TRANSLATE values control the influence that tangent 1 or tangent 2 have in each straight. This is a translation influence - which means it controls the influence along the X, Y, and Z axes without reference to any twisting motion for the alignment.

The STRAIGHT VECTOR values allow each straight to have more or less influence with rotational or angular alignment - like a twist. (Twist in alignment is also referred to as "transformation" - which is distinct from "translation". See the T1 and T2 TRANSLATE for "translation.)

Set these values to change the alignment. Then press recalculate alignment.


Popup Menu

As of 2.9.17, VTube also includes a popup menu to make changing the values easier.

Precisionweightinggrid popup.png

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