VTube-LASER End Point Deviations

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Vtube-laser logo 1.96.png This page describes how to find the END POINT deviations.

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Three Types of End Point Deviations

There are three types of end point deviation values calculated during an alignment of the MEASURED to the MASTER tube.

Vtl three end point deviations.png

END LENGTH Deviations

The end length deviations are found at the top of the Inspection menu.

These deviations show you how much to trim a part to make it fit within the current alignment better.

Vtl end length deviations.png

AFTER-TRIM Deviations

These are found in the first T1 value and the last T2 value in the Tangents grid.

These deviations show the expected radial deviation if the tube were trimmed.

Vtl after-trim deviations.png

3D Length Deviations

These are found in the Intersection grid values.

The 3D deviations represent for the first and the last points represent the total radial deviation between the MASTER and the MEASURED end points in this alignment orientation.

Vtl before-trim deviations.png

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