VTube-LASER Data Handling for Premier, EL2000, and Velog Controls

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This page covers how VTube-LASER handles Legacy Eaton Leonard data internally. For a separate tutorial on communications, see VTube-LASER to Eaton Leonard Premier Communications Tutorial.


STORAGE of ALL Legacy Eaton Leonard Data in PROJECT FILES

VTube-LASER will allow for the complete setup of all bender and setup data that can be stored in a Premier, EL2000, or Velog control.

The Eaton Leonard values are never lost because this data is now stored inside each VTube-LASER project file.

Press the new "Additional Bender Data" button at the top of the Bender Setup screen, and VTube will now load the new Eaton Leonard Setup window shown (see the second image).

YBC Velocity, Function, Stop, and C Last Included

This data includes all the part setup data and all the data that is included in each YBC row, including these data columns:

  • Y
  • Y Velocity
  • Y Function
  • Y Stop
  • B
  • B Velocity
  • B Function
  • B Stop
  • C
  • C Velocity
  • C Function
  • C Stop
  • C Last

Click on the image on the right so see a close-up of this screen.

YBC Data Automatically Synchronized with Blue Column LRA Data in the Parent Window

The YBC data in this Eaton Leonard Setup window is always synchronized with the blue columns in the parent VTube Bender Setup window.

Change the data in either window, and the corresponding data in the other window will automatically change.

Use Either Inches or Millimeters

The screen allows you to switch between Inches and Millimeters and back again with the press of a single button.

Vtube-laser bendersetup eatonleonard button.png

Vtube-laser eatonleonard setupwindow.png

Vtube-laser bendersetup eatonleonard synchronized.png

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