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Correcting a Bender

You can see the deviation in this part. The transparent yellow tolerance envelopes indicate that the part is outside of the deviation tolerance allowed (in this case 0.039" or 1 mm).

VTube-LASER can send correction data to benders to steer them into the correction motion to make the correct tube shape.

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VTube-LASER uses the Bender Setup screen to control the values in up to 100 connected benders.

This screen shows data that is a separate part of VTube memory. The data in this screen is the bender data, both before and after correction, and it is kept unchanged unless changed by the operator.

  • The blue columns represent the data at the bender before correction.

  • The orange columns represent the data at the bender after correction.

  • The columns between the blue and orange columns represent the adjustments to the data.

Vtube-laser-bendersetup screen.jpg
Vtube-laser-bendersetup grid.jpg

"Setup the Bender" - FOR SENDING NEW DATA

Use the "SETUP THE BENDER" section on the right to send new data.

VTube-LASER can also send setup data to the bender for setup.

The software has several choices for controlling how the data is formatted before sending to the bender.

Vtube-laser-bendersetup newdata.jpg

"Bidirectional Communication" - FOR CORRECTIONS

With the right protocol at the bender, VTube-LASER can recall data from the bender, and send both setup and correction data to the bender.*

  • Operators typically press the "1" button to recall data to be sure the data in the blue columns match the data in the bender.

  • Then they press "2" to send the orange columns to the bender as corrected data.

  • Press "3" to clear the adjustment data after a correction as it should only be used one time.

  • For benders that can't respond to a recall (1 above), they can recalculate the blue columns by clearing and placing the adjustments back into the blue columns automatically.

* Not all protocols require a RECALL before sending CORRECTIONS.

Vtube-laser-bendesetup bidirectional commmunication.jpg

Correction Damping

VTube-LASER uses a unique correction damping feature for situations were corrections tend to over correct.

We learned the damping algorithm by observing customers make manual adjustments to the correction data before sending the data to the bender.

Vtube-laser-bendersetup damping.jpg

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