VTube-LASER - End Scan Diameter Qualification Tolerance

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Vtube-laser logo.jpg End Scan Diameter Qualification Tolerance

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This feature is considered obsolete and was removed as of Version 2.9 - November 1, 2017

How the Tolerance Works

The End Scan tolerance allows VTube-LASER to control which points are accepted as potential end-scan points based on how far the points are from the A-End and B-End Diameter values.

The image illustrates a tolerance of 1 inch. Any end scan points within that region will be qualified (the orange points).The red points are outside the tolerance, so they are rejected.

The tolerance is measured from the out diameter in both directions - both positive (away from the centerline) and negative (toward the centerline).


How to Set the Tolerance

You can set the tolerance in two places in VTube. One place is in the System Options / Measure 2 menu.


The second place to edit the value is in the VTube-LASER Measure Setup menu's "Other" tab menu.


Choosing Values

  • A tight qualification is 0.039 inches (1 millimeter). It is much more challenging to measure the end scan with a tight tolerance. Keep in mind that tube deformation will make tight tolerance end scans more challenging.

  • A much easier / quicker qualification is to increase the value to much high number - like 1 inch (25.4 millimeters).

  • Some customers use large values (like 10 inches) to avoid this qualification from occurring completely - and making end scans much easier.

Set the Default

Set the default value by clearing the VTube project, then changing the value, then saving the setup to the default file in the System Options - Project Setup menu.

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