Tips for Using VTube-LASER Bend Profile to Measure Bend Radii

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This page gives tips for measuring bend radii with the Bend Profile measurement feature.

Bend Profile Measurement Tips

1 – It is critical that you have points passing the outside center and the inside center. If the surface points miss either of these two places, then the radius value calculated will be incorrect. Before pressing the red button to complete the measurement, look at the screen to see if the radius coverage is ok. You can orbit the image to be sure.

2 – The fixturing of the tube is more complicated when you measure the bend radii. It is important that you know that you can get the laser to both sides of any bend you want to measure.

3 – To save time, you can measure one bend profile only, then use that radius in all the other bends by manually typing in that radius value in the other radii in the measured XYZ grid (the centerline grid). This works often because fabricators know that they intend to use one bend radius for the entire part or most of the part.

4 – The bend profile radius calculation depends on an accurate measurement of the two adjacent straights – because it relies on the two adjacent straights to form a plane for projection. If you need to measure a radius without an adjacent straight, then you will need to switch to the radius stripe method of measuring bends. This is completely different math model and a different measurement technique.

Video Tutorial

Watch video 57 on this page: VTube-LASER Videos for FARO

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