Scanning on a NEWPORT type table

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What is a NEWPORT Table?

The Newport table is a an optical table designed to hold laser lens and mirrors. Some customers use them as similar to a granite surface used to measure tube shapes.

Scanning on NEWPORT tables is possible with the FARO scanner system, but care must be taken because of the high reflectivity of the surfaces in the drilled and tapped holes.

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Scanning Example

The image on right shows an example of scanning a tube on a Newport table.

Scanning on newport.png

Potential For Phantom Outliers At Normal (Perpendicular) Reflective Surfaces

View the angle of the scanner in the image in the preceding section.

Now see this closeup in this image. The chamfer in the hole being called out is perpendicular to the incoming laser beam.

This can cause slight outliers to the laser camera that can cause the cylinder calculation to fail if the cut plane offset is not set large enough.

Closeup newport outliers note.png

This is the image of the real-time scanned points in the FARO Laser Line Probe scanner setup screen.

Notice that the chamfer that is normal to the laser and the camera is creating a bubble outlier. The effect is that the camera sees points where there is no object in space. The reason is because of the intensity of the reflection caused by the chamfer. It is overexposing the laser scanner camera in this area.

One way to overcome this bubble is to increase the cut plane offset. In this case, the offset was set to 1 inch- which puts the outliers below the cut plane. You can safely set the office up to 1/2 the diameter.

Another way to overcome this issue is to place a darker surface (a mat or paint) on the table.

Vtube-laser closeup outliers.png

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See also How to Diagnose Inaccurate VTube-LASER Measurements

The Impact on Cylinder Calculations

If VTube includes these outliers with the OD stripes to calculate the diameter, then often the cylinder fit math will fail to find a centerline - and VTube will ask you to remeasure the straight where the problem is occuring.

Vtube-laser cylinderfit error window.png

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