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The STRIPE CUT PLANE feature is designed to eliminate entire laser stripes of data that are too far from the probe. It is included in the CUT PLANE CONTROL Window.

This is helpful for smaller parts because the scanners have an active depth range that allows them to pick up stripes that are within a 127mm (5 inch) inch range top to bottom.

The goal of the SCP feature is to ensure that the scanner does not accidentally catch any object in a stripe that is far away from the first diameter relative to the probe - even when it stops pickup up near data. (See the image on the right.)

This is how SCP works with the other cut plane features:

  • FIRST, the CUT PLANE feature removes any laser-scanned surface data found below standard cut planes that are active.

  • SECOND, the DCP (DIAMETER CUT PLANE) feature removes the tails of laser-scanned stripes.

  • THIRD, the SCP (STRIPE CUT PLANE) feature then removes any laser-scanned stripe that is too far from the probe relative to the closest stripe to the probe.

Just like other cut plane features, the SCP feature is not used during tactile measurements with the ball probe.

VTube-LASER v2.9.9 StripeCutPlaneWithLogo.png

Version Information

  • VTube-LASER Version: 2.9.9
  • Date Released: June 15, 2018

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