ROMER Ball Probes

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ROMER Ball Probes

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STANDARD Ball Probes for ROMER Absolute Arms with Integrated Scanners

ROMER Absolute Arms with integrated scanners always come with 3 ball probes.

  1. 3 mm ruby
  2. 6 mm ruby
  3. 15 mm center reference probe

The 15 mm "center reference" probe in the kit is used to calibrate your specific arm, so it's a good idea to only use it to verify the calibration of your arm and not use it for measurements.

HEXAGON recommends that you purchase a second 15 mm ball probe if you like to use it to measure regularly.


TKJ Connector

ROMER Absolute Arms utilize a CMM-style kinematic joint, or TKJ type connector.

TKJ connectors allow the probes to be detached and reconnected without re-calibration.


Spare Ball Probes

While ball probes are sturdy, they are often the first item that breaks if an accident occurs (like a scanner is dropped).

We recommend that you have spare ball probes in stock at all times.


You can purchase new probes at the HEXAGON site.

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