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Vtube-laser logo.jpg How to measure large diameter tube and pipe in VTube-LASER

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Instruction for Large Diameter Measures

VTube is immune to diameter sizes if you follow the wide-scan technique to measure larger diameters. If a diameter surface stripe does not cover enough angular distance, then the math engine loses accuracy in calculating the centerline of a straight.

On larger diameters (8 inches or greater), it is important to scan in points from a wider area of the tube.

Vtube widescan illustration largetube.jpg

  • First - scan one end in the normal way.

  • Second - move to the other end, and rotate the probe around the tube slightly. We recommend about 90 degrees of rotation. Then scan the new end and new side of the cylinder.

How Large VTube-LASER Measure?

Using this method, it is possible to scan any size tube or pipe the arm can reach. The limitation is not the scanner size.

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