How to Measure and Clock Tube Legs Coming Out of Tubes

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Measure and Clock Tube Legs

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  • To measure the clocking angle of holes that will receive tube legs inserted into other tubes, we recommend that you create plugs that insert perpendicular in the drilled holes. Make the plug several inches inches long.

Vtl plugforhole.png

  • Then create a master tube with the shape that finishes with the plug as the last or first leg. The radius for the pseudo bend can be anything non-zero - like 0.1.

Vtl plugforhole measuredirection.png

  • Then measure that part of the tube to learn the clocking to the previous bend angle.

Vtl plugforhole tubeshapemade.png

  • You can use the VIEW TRANSFORM control to reorient the new master tube so that the view is looking down the appropriate straight.

Vtl plugforhole measuredirection orientation.png

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