How to Find A Key Serial Number

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This describes how to find a hardware key serial number.

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Step 1

If you know that you have installed the hardware key driver on your system at least one time, then skip to step 2. If you are not sure, then it is okay to install the driver again. Download and install the driver.

The driver must be installed for the key to be used on your system.

Step 2

Find the keycheck.exe program. Often this program is installed with any Advanced Tubular software that uses a hardware key. If you cannot find it, then please download an installation file and install the keycheck program.

Step 3

Run the hardware key program on the system with the key. It should find the key are report how the key is setup in the log on the screen.

Find the integer serial number in the list and send that number to me. You can also right-click and copy the entire log and paste it into an e-mail to us if we need the key serial number.