How to Ensure Good End Scans in VTube-LASER

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Repeatability issues on the ends is the most common problem in GR&R tests. Fortunately it is also the easiest to fix. It involves training users to perform a visual check of the model in the viewport after VTube calculates the end points.

Use Visual Feedback

VTube-LASER is designed to allow operators to use visual feedback to ensure that end point projections are good. This is an example of the the end point projected so that it is in line with the end wall.

The end wall is clearly seen in the purple points in this scan.  The orange end point is lined up with the end wall. Therefore, this was a very good end scan.

VTube-LASER End Scan Example.png

Finding The End Wall

VTube-LASER shows the cloud of points used for the end scan as well as the blue cylinder and the orange end point.

The end wall can be seen in this model.

VTube-LASER EndWall Points.png

Visually Align The End Point

The orange end point will always be somewhere along the centerline of the blue cylinder.

After the orange end point is projected, an operator can visually confirm that the orange point has been projected along the centerline to the correct location by imagining lines relative to the end scan point cloud like shown in this image.

VTube-LASER EndWall Points Alignment.png

An Example of a Scan to Reject

In this case, we put a camera stand near the end of the tube to create an example scan that is not a good one.

The furthest point scanned along the centerline is the camera stand.

VTube-LASER End Camera Stand Photo.png

This is the result of that scan in VTube-LASER.

The end point is not inline with the end wall of the tube.

VTube-LASER End Camera Stand Model Scan.png

VTube-LASER End Camera Stand Model Scan ShouldBe.png

Backup and Rescan

If the end point projection is not good, then backup in the measure process using the "Previous" button until the yellow box says to measure End-A.

For End A you will need to press the "Previous" button twice. For End B you will only need to press it one time.

VTube-LASER Previous To EndA.png

After you rescan End A, you will also need to rescan the first straight to see the new end point projection. End B projection is immediate because the end straight was already scanned.

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