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How to Create a Mirror Image Part

To create a mirror image part, VTube lets you perform an Additive Invert on any column of XYZ values. This means that VTube can multiply an entire column of XYZ values negative one.

Any time the Additive Invert feature is applied an odd number of times (1, 3, 5, etc.), the part will be mirror image to the original. Any time this feature is applied an even number of times (2, 4, 6, etc.), the part will be the same shape, but with a different orientation in space.

Vtube-laser v2.2 mirrorimage.png

STEP 1: Additive Invert a Column in the XYZ Coordinates

Select a cell in an XYZ column to invert, right click, the choose Additive Invert.

Vtube-laser v2.2 steps invert.png

STEP 2: Redraw and Zoom All

If the new part does not appear on the screen, then REDRAW and ZOOM ALL.

If multiple representations of the tube are switched on (like the ALIGNED and MASTER are on here), then you will see the before and after results like this.

Vtube-laser v2.2 after invert redraw.png

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