How to Clear Points from the Current Scan

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Use the Checkbox in the Measure Control

Put a checkmark in the "Red Button is in Backup Mode" checkbox in the Measure tab menu in the Measure Control.

VTL 2.9.3 redbutton backup mode.png

Button to Press

1 – With the LASER active, ALL the points will clear with...

  • one press of the FARO RED button
  • one of the side buttons for the ROMER arms
  • one press of the Z button on the MicroScribe

2 – If the TACTILE probe is active, then pressing the buttons will clear ONE POINT for each press.

Points in Memory: DRO

See the DRO to determine how many points are in memory.

VTL 2.9.3 dro points in memory.png

Exit the Mode

Uncheck the checkbox to continue with a regular measure.

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