How to Calculate Tube Elongation Percentage in VTube-LASER

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The Tube Elongation Percentage Calculation Method

VTube-LASER can calculate Tube Elongation Percentage by subtracting the current CUT LENGTH from the MEASURED LENGTH - then calculate the percentage by comparing that change to the total ARC LENGTHS in the measured tube.

The formula used is (Measured Length - Cut Length) / (Arc Length Sum for Whole Tube) X 100

How to Calculate a Single Tube Elongation Percentage in VTube-LASER

Follow these simple steps to calculate tube elongation:

  1. Design a simple part with a 90-degree bend in the VTube-LASER MASTER data. Use whatever radius is on your bender.
  2. Calculate the cut length in the Part Setup using the popup menu.
  3. Cut a straight section of tube to that cut length.
  4. Bend the part in the bender.
  5. Measure the part.
  6. Use the popup menu in the Part Setup menu to recalculate the tube elongation percentage.

Note that it is critical that you have entered the ACTUAL CUT LENGTH of the part you just bent for VTube to properly calculate the tube elongation percentage value.

VTube Can Also Use Multi-Elongation

For applications that mix bending radii and bending types, multi-elongation lets you set the elongation % uniquely for every bend. See Multi-Elongation in VTube for more information about using multi-elongation.

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