How to Build A FARO-based Diagnostic Video for VTube-LASER

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Follow these steps to create a video for us to view in order to help you diagnose issues.

Often we can resolve the issues by watching how you are scanning. If we cannot help you by watching the video, then Dawne Baker can schedule a webinar where we can train you in real-time.

Steps for FARO Quantum ScanArms

Please take a video with your phone taking these steps:

  • Turn off both filters in the FARO scanner setup.
  • Set the scan density to 1/8.
  • Set the exposure to automatic normal.
  • Create a Cut Plane of the table surface the tube is on.
  • Give the Cut Plane an offset of 3mm.
  • Using the Scan a straight using the UniScan OD in Measure Process. Use the green button.
  • Let up on the GREEN button. Show me the resulting scan on the screen. Orbit around the scan data.
  • Press the RED accept button.
  • Show me the error in the cylinder fit window.
  • Show me the entire screen.
  • Send me the video.

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