How To Register VTube-LASER Licenses

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About VTube License Registration

Every VTube-LASER software package installed requires both a USB dongle plus a simple registration process.

The additional registration step helps us verify that an authorized license is being installed by one of our valued customers.

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START - Plug in the USB License Dongle

Plug the USB license dongle into a USB port.

The green LED should eventually turn ON. (It may blink at first - but eventually it should stop blinking and constantly turn on.)

For First-Time Installations: You May Need to Activate the USB License Dongle

We often ship dongles without being activated. Activation is a one-time process that puts license data on the dongle. If you have not activated the dongle using the dongle activation program, then you will need to do that now. If you have already performed this step, then you can skip to the next step.

Securedonglex plug in.png

NEXT - Run VTube

Start VTube after you install VTube the first time and have plugged in and activated the USB license dongle.

You will see a screen with a LICENSE REGISTRATION message like this one within about 5 seconds.

Registration Status

A registration status message at the bottom of the box describes why you will need to register this license.

Click on the OK button to start registration.

Vtube-step needs to be registered message.png

NEXT - Copy the COMPUTER ID to the Clipboard

You can request a registration key by sending your computer ID to us from this menu.

Click on COPY to copy the Hardware ID to the Windows clipboard.

Vtube copyhardwareid2clipboard.png

NEXT - Email the COMPUTER ID to Advanced Tubular

Include this information in the email:

  • In the subject line, include the program name.
  • Tell us to whom it should be licensed
  • Paste the Hardware ID string into the email

Send the email to [email protected]

Vtuberegistration vtube-laser outlook.png

NEXT - Register VTube with the Credentials We Send To You by Email

When we send the credentials be email...

  • If you have closed VTube, start it again. The License Registration screen will appear again.
  • Enter STEP 2.
  • Paste the USER and KEY information we send you in the edit boxes.
  • Press the Register button.

Vtube registration screen - registration - Enter credentials and register.png


VTube will report if the registration was successful.

Press Continue.

Vtube registration screen - registration - Registration Complete.png

NEXT - The Registration State will Change

The text bar toward the top will now say "Registration information valid and active"

Click on the Close button to close the window. This will also close VTube-LASER.

Vtube-laser registration screen - registration - press Close.png


A VTube restart is required after registration the first time (a computer reboot is not required). VTube will close after registration is complete.

You can see the registration information at the bottom of the VTube window in the status bar at any time.

Vtube-step statusbar registered michaelcone.png

If You Need Help - Remote TeamViewer Support

Our Software Maintenance Plan service also offers you free remote support for installation. (If you are installing a new license or have been given the right to install an upgrade, then your SMP will be active.)

If you prefer to have us help you with the installation, then we can connect remotely to your computer to install the license for you. For legitimate customers, we can register the license on your computer in a few minutes. Contact [email protected] if you need to schedule a TeamViewer connection.


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