Fix the DATUM Report When Showing One Line of Datum Values

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If your VTube-LASER shows one line of numbers in the datum grid, then the most likely problem is a changed iteration variable name. Follow these steps to solve the problem.

How to Fix The DATUM Report That Shows One Line

Open the Template in the Notepad++ Editor

There is a variable name value inside the template file that needs to changed.

1 Go to the Reports menu in LASER mode.

2 Single-click on the datum report row.

3 Click on the Template tab above.

4 Click on the Edit Selected button. This should load the template into the Notepad++ editor.

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Search and Change the Variable Name

5 In Notepad++, search for XYZTODATUM. It is in this line:

  <vtube_iterate section=XYZTODATUM>

6 Change it to XYZDATUM like this:

  <vtube_iterate section=XYZDATUM>

7 Save the template file to disk.

8 Try viewing the report again.

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