Diagnosing RDS Issues

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Diagnosing RDS Issues

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Many customers experience zero issues with HEXAGON arms and scanners. However, if there are cases where there are issues, you may experience some of what we list below. If you do, then know that HEXAGON treats "arm down" situations very seriously. Our goal is to share the steps to take if you see any of these problems.


When this error occurs, the scanner will usually shut down. An arm reboot will be necessary to solve the problem. It may also be necessary to restart the RDS service.

If this error occurs more than once, then call HEXAGON tech support to help you solve the issue. You will need to have the VTube-LASER computer on the internet for a remote session with the HEXAGON technician. If necessary, HEXAGON may even take the arm back and diagnose the issue in their US factory.

According to HEXAGON technicians, this is not a VTube-LASER issue.


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