Change the Scanning Sounds in VTube-LASER

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The scanning sounds can be modified by changing the WAV files in the VTube sound folder.

How to Change the Scanning Sounds

1 Close VTube-LASER (this is important because this makes VTube-LASER release any sound file that it may have open)

2 File Explore into this path:


3 Rename any of the files in the RED box to either wav file in the BLUE box.

4 It's a good idea to rename the original wav files in the blue box to keep a backup copy of them so that you can recover them if you don't like the result of the change.

Vtube-laser soundfiles rename.png

Testing Sounds For Your VTube Computer

Not all computers play these sound files the same way. For example some computer speakers go into an idle shutdown mode that can never start up fast enough to play the short sounds.

Before changing the sounds configuration, you can double click on any sound file, and Windows should play it for you. If you hear the sound when you double-click on it, then you should be able to use it in VTube-LASER for feedback.


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