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Annually Renewable Software Maintenance Plan

Advanced Tubular Technologies offers a Software Maintenance Plan that can be purchased on an annual basis. Each initial CNC Bender license includes one year software maintenance plan.

These are answers for questions you may have regarding our software maintenance plan.

"Why should I purchase the software maintenance plan?"

Software maintenance gives each license you have purchased access to REMOTE TECHNICAL SUPPORT for one year. We will take your calls to help you with software questions or issues without asking you to purchase an on-site visit from us. (This may require connection to your CNC Bender control with an internet connection.)

"How do you track Software Maintenance Plans?"

Each key has an integer serial number value that is unique to that key or dongle. Advanced Tubular Technologies tracks licenses by that serial number. You can access the key serial number any time by using our KeyCheck program. We record and track the software maintenance plan linked to the serial number. Our staff can share the term of the plan with you at any time through e-mail. Please request the information from Dawne Baker at

"How do I keep my maintenance agreement current?"

Advanced Tubular Technologies keeps track of each maintenance subscription and will automatically notify you 90 days and 30 days prior to your maintenance subscription expiration date and will send you a renewal quote upon request.

"When does the maintenance term start?"

The start date for all maintenance programs starts when we e-mail you the hardware key activation code – then round forward to the start of the next month.

"What are the terms for Software Maintenance Plans?"

The terms of the plan terms are “prepaid.”

"I have multiple licenses. Do I need to purchase one plan for each license?"

Yes - if you want to renew the plans annually. Each license requires its own service plan.

"Can I Get Support Without a Software Maintenance Plan?"

Remote internet, telephone, or email support for CNC Bender is also offered at $300 per hour with a $300 minimum per incident.

"What if I have multiple benders?"

Each bender can have a unique maintenance plan period. We will track this by hardware key serial number and bender serial number. You can choose to cover one bender or all of them.

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