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What is It?

The CNCProcessor.cfg file exists in the c:\cnc\config folder. It contains setup information for the CNC Processor.


Each of the sections in the CNCProcessor.cfg is set apart with values in square brackets like this:

[Machine Lube]

Property Values

Each of the sections can contain multiple property values like this:

Machine Lube Duration=

Example Configuration Setup

This is an example configuration setup:

[Machine Lube]
Machine Lube Duration=5000
Lube Machine At Bend Count=100
Pulse Machine Lube Pump=1
Watch For Machine Lube Complete Input=0

CIO Name Of Input Clamp Die Close=Input_ClampIsClosed_End
CIO Name Of Input Pressure Die Home=Input_PressureDieIsHome_End
CIO Name Of Input Pressure Die Close=Input_PressureDieIsClosed_End
CIO Name Of Input Carriage Cross Slide Advance=Input_CarriageCrossSlideIsAdvanced_End
CIO Name Of Input Release  Button=Input_Release_Button_End
CIO Name Of Output Release Illuminate=Output_Release_Illuminate
CIO Name Of Boost Bottom Advance=Output_BoostBottom_Advance
CIO Name Of Boost Top Advance=Output_BoostTop_Advance
CIO Name Of Output Machine Lube=Output_MachineLube_Repeat
CIO Name of Input Machine Lube Complete=Input_MachineLubeComplete_End
CIO Name Of Output Bend Head Down1=Output_HeadShiftDown1_Repeat
CIO Name Of Output Bend Head Down2=Output_HeadShiftDown2_Repeat
CIO Name Of Output Bend Head Center1=Output_HeadShiftCenter1_Repeat
CIO Name Of Output Bend Head Center2=Output_HeadShiftCenter2_Repeat
CIO Name Of Output Bend Head Up1=Output_HeadShiftUp1_Repeat
CIO Name Of Output Bend Head Up2=Output_HeadShiftUp2_Repeat


Power Off Manual Mode Pause=5
Power On Manual Mode Pause=5
Cycle Hold Pause=5

Transform 2031 Enabled=0
Transformed 2031=2023

Master Loop Priority=10000

Editing the CNCProcessor.cfg File

The CNC Processor configuration file contains the values necessary to adjust the machine lube settings.

Where to find it in CNC Bender

The configuration is displayed in an editor in the Low Level menu, CNC Processor CFG tab.

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If you edit the values in this editor, be sure to keep the equals signs in the setup, and be careful to enter valid values. For example, for duration values, enter only whole numbers (no text).

Then save the data to disk in order to store the changes made.

Where to find it on the Hard Disk

The file is available in the c:\cnc\config folder in the file "CNCProcessor.cfg". A text editor can be used to change the file. Only change the file this way when CNC Bender is closed.

Remarks and Notes in the Configuration File

Note that remarks may be added to the file with lines preceded by double forward slashes.

// This setting was adjusted by Michael Cone on January 28, 2009

Properties Definition

Read about individual properties:

These four properties control the Auto Lube feature:
Machine Lube Duration
Lube Machine At Bend Count