Building Tube Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS

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VTube-LASER can now build SOLIDWORKS assemblies with the press of one button using the VTube-LASER Assembly method.

VTube-LASER can reverse engineer tube and then build that tube in SOLIDWORKS as a fully-constrained 3D parametric model. This page describes the basic steps to create an assembly from a part using VTube-LASER and SOLIDWORKS.

Vtube-laser v2.5 header to measure.png

STEP 1: Measure One of the Parts in VTube-LASER

Measure the first pipe and create a measured tube shape.

Vtube-laser v2.5 measure header pipe.png

STEP 2: Build the Part in SOLIDWORKS

Use the File tab in Measure Tube Data to send the measured part to SOLIDWORKS.

Vtube-laser v2.5 build solidworks.png

STEP 3: Save the SOLIDWORKS Part File

Save the new SOLIDWORKS part to a unique part file on the disk.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks part.png

STEP 4: Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for all the parts

Be careful to not move the assembly. Repeat the first three steps for each tube.

STEP 5: Start a New Assembly

Start a new assembly. These steps show how to insert four parts from the SOLIDWORKS part files.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks new assembly.png

STEP 6: Cancel the New Assembly Feature

In order to insert the tubes in the proper location, we need to establish the common origin in a plane. So press Cancel for Begin Assembly first.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks cancel new assembly.png

STEP 7: Create a Reference Plane at the Origin

Insert a new plane, then press Finish. It is not necessary to change the location of the plane - since it is already centered around the world origin.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks insert a plane.png

STEP 8: Press Insert Components in Assemblies

Press Insert Components.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks insert a component.png

STEP 9: Select Multiple SOLIDWORKS Files

Use Ctrl + or Shift + to select multiple parts to include in the assembly.

Click on Open.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks select multiple swparts to import.png

STEP 10: Select the Origin

Point to the middle of the plane and click. Do this for each part until all the parts are inserted at the origin.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks insert part.png

STEP 11: Repeat STEP 10 for Each Part

Repeat clicking the origin at the center of the plane for each part.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks insert part repeat.png

STEP 12: Exit the Sketch

Exit the sketch after all the parts are inserted.

Vtube-laser v2.5 solidworks insert part exit sketch.png

The Assembly is Complete

SOLIDWORKS should show a completed assembly.

Vvtube-laser v2.5 solidworks assembly complete.png

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