Benderlink for YLM Version 2

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Revision 2

Benderlink for ylm screen.png

Check.jpg NEW - VTube-STEP Loader Button

This version of Benderlink includes a button that loads VTube-STEP to load solid models into Benderlink for YLM and then send that data to YLM benders.

Benderlinkylm v2 VTubeStep button.png

Check.jpg UPDATED - The Embedded VTube-STEP is Now Version 2.3

This version of Benderlink includes the the new features included VTube-STEP v2.2 and VTube-STEP v2.3.

There are too many new features to list here.

VTS2 SplashScreen.png

Check.jpg CHANGE: Security Change Required by New Windows Security Updates - Network Socket Logic

We made an important change to the Network License Manager networking portion of the code for Windows compliance.

Benderlink for YLM used to open an IP socket using, then assign a working IP address based on the configuration.

As of November 2015, some Windows started throwing a critical error when our software attempted to open the IP connection like this. So now Benderlink for YLM opens sockets with at least a local address of - which is allowed by Windows.

Blueethernetcable rj45connector.png

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