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Connect measuring centers with Chiyoda and KEINS benders and store all bender data on your network using Benderlink.

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Feature Description
Communicate Benderlink can communicate and manage files for up to 99 benders
Edit bender data in Windows It allows for true DNC offline programming. This means that you can control every setup parameter from Benderlink

(Note: All operator accessible parameters are programmable. The low level passworded machine parameters that control the personality of the bender are not programmable by Benderlink.)

Network Part Storage It allows customers to use a PC disk / network to store all Chiyoda / KEINS parts off the control. (Bypassing the floppy drive.)
Corrections Loops Allow measuring centers to correct the bender setup


The Benderlink offline license allows engineers to program Benderlink from a location that are off-site or at a remote location. The only difference between the OFFLINE license and the FULL license is that the OFFLINE version of the software will not communicate with benders. Typically offline license is used to save the data files to a shared network location. The full version of Benderlink that is connected to the bender can load the files created and saved with the offline version of Benderlink.


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Download a Datasheet for Benderlink for Chiyoda

Download a DataSheet Benderlink Ethernet Module for Chiyoda

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Download a customer success story


  • About Chiyoda - See this page for control version information.