Benderlink Module - Laservision to Crown

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Multiple ports for connection to two Laservision measuring centers
Benderlink Module Embedded AB Switch

Blink elmodule crown2.jpg

This version of the Benderlink Module connects Eaton Leonard Laservision legacy electronics (commonly called "current loop") to a Crown Unlimited bender.

This model was designed to connect two Laservision measuring centers to one Crown bender. The two Amphenol circular ports use the Eaton Leonard communications cable standard. The ports are switched using an industrial AB switch embedded into the Benderlink module.

CB-EL1 Electronics Board

Cb-el1 render1.jpg

Advanced Tubular uses a special board designed to allow communications with Eaton Leonard Laservisions and benders. See Communications Board for Eaton Leonard - CB-EL1 for detailed information on our electronics.

Installation on Crown Bender

This is an image of the same box installed on a Crown bender control. Blinkmodule crown.jpg

See Also

This module works with Benderlink for Crown software.