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How to Change the Default Ball Probe Setup

The default ball probe setup is always controlled by the FARO drivers and dialogs. The FARO driver dialog windows can be loaded from inside VTube-LASER while VTube is connected to the arm. To change the default ball probe, you will need to access the FARO dialog and choose the correct probe.

You must be connected to a FARO arm to perform these steps.


In VTube-LASER click on the Arm Utilities button in the Arm tab inside the Measure Setup menu.

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Press Probe Setup and Calibration.

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Select the correct ball probe then press OK.

This step will cause the FARO driver to report back to VTube the new probe. The FARO driver should always remember the last ball probe that you set to "Current Probe" in the pulldown box. This is true even if you shutdown VTube-LASER and the FARO arm.

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Press the Close button in the FARO Arm Utilities window.

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Observe that the new ball probe selection will appear in the Arm grid.

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