20190424 FARO Arm Customer - Poor Scanning - We Found Multiple Issues

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  • FARO Arm
  • Edge
  • BluLaser Scanner


The customer had trouble getting the FARO scanner to work properly with VTube-LASER.


  1. Driver was a non-approved older version ( We updated the FARO USB driver to the latest version (
  2. VTube-LASER was slightly out of date. We updated it to the latest version.
  3. FARO scanner alogorithm: Automatic Normal. Good.
  4. The FARO scanner setup had the reflectivity filter enabled. This must be disabled for VTube-LASER, or the scanner will not work well.
  5. The FARO scan density was set to 1/1 – which is higher than necessary. 1/16 is good for most parts. Changed the density to 1/16.
  6. There were two active cut planes but only one table surface. Rather than ask “why?” we explained that they only needed one Cut Plane. We deleted all the current cut planes and created a new one to be sure.


  1. We asked “what is your min diameter?” They said 3/16” - So we set their cut plane offset to 0.070 – which is about half of the min diameter.
  2. They were not using DCP (See DCP - Diameter Cut Planes). They did not know what it is. We explained it and its benefits, then set it ON by default. Also, we turned on DCP AUTO on by default.
  3. We noticed that Automatic Display of MASTER was not active. We turned it on by default and showed the benefits of using this new window.


VTube-LASER measures perfectly