Fixing Outlook 2010 Stay-On-Top Problem

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Follow these steps to keep Outlook 2010 from staying on top of other windows.


  1. Close Outlook.
  2. In the Search Programs and Files box, enter RegEdit and press Enter.
  3. Find this folder: HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins.
  4. Each add-in can use a DWORD called LoadBehavior.
  5. If the value is set to 3 instead of 2, this will cause Outlook’s main window to be at the top of the Z stack when the window is open, preventing any other window opening in front of it.
  6. Create the key LoadBehavior and set it to 2.
  7. Load Outlook and test.

Outlook stayontop fix.png

You can close the editor after the change. The value is automatically saved to the registry. Don't change other values that are unfamiliar to you, or programs may no longer run in your Windows.

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