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YLM (Yin Lin Machine Industrial Co.) benders are built in Taiwan and distributed in the Americas by J & S Machine, Inc.

J&S Machine, Inc.
W6009 490th Avenue
Ellsworth, WI 54011

Toll Free: 877-273-3332

Phone: (715) 273-3376
Fax: (715) 273-5241
Email: [email protected]


YLM Control software

The YLM Windows software allows for complete programming of bender setup.
YLM Main Screen.jpg


VTube-STEP and VTube-LASER Support for YLM Benders

The YLM has a unique method of correction. It only takes the measured data and makes the actual correction internally. See VTube Communication with YLM Benders for details on how the YLM handles correction.

Hexagon scanner ra8.png


Benderlink for YLM Support for YLM Benders to Laservision

See Benderlink for YLM for details.

Vector tube data center.jpg

Blink YLM logo.png

YLM bender.png

Blink ylm laservision factory.png

Shutdown to Edit the Windows Setup

To shutdown the YLM software to configure Windows settings:

  1. Press the Shutdown button.

  2. Press "NO" for shutdown.

  3. Type "12345" and OK in the numeric keypad.

  4. YLM will close without shutting down the computer.

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