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Vtube-laser logo 1.96.png
See a complete list of VTube updates on this page.

Vtl screen hd scanner without logo.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - First Quarter - 2018

January 10, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.9.3
  • NEW - Support for MicroScribe arms from Revware
  • NEW - Added Dengler bender MES files CORRECTIONS in VTube-LASER
  • New- New guide windows in Bender Setup for communications messages

Vtl screen with microscribe arm.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Fourth Quarter - 2017

December 12, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.9.2
  • FIX - Repaired a bug in Split Bend and Bend Profile point cloud projections.
  • FIX - Rare condition issue with end trim fixed. (build 108)
  • FIX - Bender number remembered after part measure. (build 109)

Vtube-laser v2.9 assembly screen logo.png

November 27, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.9.1
  • FIX- Footer page number in Reports now displays correct total page count.
  • Added SMI Input
  • Fixed SMI Output

Vtube-laser v2.9 assembly screen logo.png

November 1, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.9


  • NEW - ASSEMBLY: Enter, measure, align multiple tubes in one project.
  • NEW - ASSEMBLY Control Window
  • NEW - Support for FARO QUANTUM ScanArms
  • IMPROVED - The end-of-measure process automatically builds a measured tube at Finish and Apply.
  • IMPROVED - VTube-LASER loads the LASER window first at startup (rather than the VTube-STEP window).
  • FIXES and ENHANCEMENTS - Z order screen fix for floating windows, faster sounds for remeasure, Guide window displays in lower right corner to avoid DRO, imported model deletion fix
  • End Scan Diameter Qualification Tolerances are no longer used.

Vtube-laser v2.9 assembly screen logo.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Third Quarter - 2017

July 26, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.8.5
  • NEW - Partial Import feature that allows users to load MASTER data without importing measuring center setup
  • IMPROVED - "Remove arm from cradle" message removed for when loading new files.
  • NEW - SEARCH box in Path Manager

Vtl screen hd scanner without logo.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Second Quarter - 2017

June 22, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.8.4
  • NEW - "Screen Switch" Buttons for Multiscreen Support
  • NEW - Measured-aligned to MASTER Datum Reports
  • IMPROVED - Keep Original Part Orientation in Reverse Calc
  • IMPROVED - Report Window To Front

Multi-screen support - STEP and LASER.png

June 12, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.8.3
  • NEW - Extra Bend Rows Allowed in Bend Setup for End Trim Operations
  • NEW - Multiscreen Support
  • NEW - Addata ZModem Protocol
  • NUMALLIANCE output now handles 180-degree bends and springback compensation
  • Improved DOCS file import
  • Improved Supravision import
  • Fixed imported model deletion issue during parametric model build
  • Fixed hidden Report Window display issue
  • Added new Scanner Control button above the viewport

Vtube v2.8.3 multi-monitor support.png

Vtube-laser v2.8.3 addextra lra rows bendersetup.png

Vtube-laser v2.8.3 AddataZModem SendBox.png

April 11, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.8.2
  • NEW - DCF for Split Bend
  • RETURNED - Arm as Mouse
  • Various fixes

Vtl screen hd scanner without logo.png

April 8, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.8.1
  • NEW - Second Point Object for Visual End Offsets
  • NEW - DCF - Dual Cylinder Fit Engine is now also applied to MULTISCAN
  • NEW - Switch between UNISCAN and MULTISCAN on-the-fly
  • NEW - Guide Box and sound notification for when switching between LASER and BALL PROBE.
  • NEW - Guide Box and sound notificaton when switching from UNISCAN to MULTISCAN and back.
  • ENHANCED - Cylinder Fit Checks

Vtube-laser v2.8.1 end offset model.png
Vtube-laser v2.8.1 end offset model illustration.png

April 19, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.8
  • MAJOR NEW FEATURE - DCF - Dual Cylinder Fit Engine
  • NEW Redesigned Cylinder Fit Data Window
  • NEW Default End Tolerance Set
  • NEW Tangent Midpoint Tangent Deviation AVERAGE for Reports
  • NEW Tangent Midpoint Tangent Deviation MAXIMUM for Reports
  • ENHANCED Winton WMC Communications
  • UPDATED Japanese Translation

Vtube-laser v2.8 DCF logo.png
Vtube-laser v2.8 cylinderfit window sections.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - First Quarter - 2017

February 11, 2017 VTube-LASER v2.7
  • NEW Snap to Axis Transformations
  • NEW Best Fit Alignment 3
  • NEW String Measure for Navy
  • NEW Bender formats: CRIPPA, SOCO, BLM, HVAC OMS
  • NEW Edit EL Data inside VTube
  • NEW MIL-D-9898C Import
  • NEW Shortcut key popup help
  • NEW Shortcut key commands
  • NEW SOLIDWORKS 2017 Control
  • Significant User Interface Enhancements
  • NEW Import BendTech BTTX Files
  • NEW Import Alpine and CSM M4 MBF Files
  • Several important debugs
  • Memory and Speed Optimizations

Vtube-laser v2.7 screenshot.png



Vtube-laser-2.2 hybridtube logo.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Third Quarter - 2016

July 27, 2016 VTube-LASER v2.6
  • NEW DIAMETER CUT PLANES This powerful feature lets you measure across several diameters at the same time on parts that twist back on themselve. VTube will select the correct diameter scan points automatically.

  • ENHANCED - MULTIPLE CUT PLANES - We've completely redesigned CUT PLANES in VTube. Create cut planes at any time, change any setting on the fly, turn cut planes on/off - even during a regular measure.
DCP Logo Graphic with Exhaust Header.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Second Quarter - 2016

June 22, 2016 VTube-LASER v2.5
  • NEW Bend Profile Measure to calculate RADIUS
  • NEW Bend Profile Measure to calculate Out-of-round % in bend
  • IMPROVED Best Fit
  • NEW AIM wire bender communication
  • NEW Calculate predicted effect on AB length if trimmed
  • NEW SAVE banner
  • NEW HOT Keys for SAVE and LOAD
  • NEW Tangent point data in Reports
  • NEW calculate tube elongation percentage
  • NEW Tube Data Storage Displays Multi-part LRA Adjustment Values
Vtube-laser v2.5 bendprofile measure scanner.png.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - First Quarter - 2016

March 25, 2016 VTube-LASER v2.4 Added new accumulated length values for reports, fixed the automatic image update in the reports window. Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png
February 10, 2016 VTube-LASER v2.3 Multi-elongation Setup for multiple elongation, Springback-compensated grids, Springback-compensation output for benders fixed, Automatic Image Refresh state storage fixed Vtube-v2.3 multielongation setup.png
January 21, 2016 VTube-LASER v2.2 3X faster graphics, faster scanning for HD scanner, tube measuring averaging with Hybrid feature, many other new features added Vtube-laser-2.2 hybridtube logo.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Second Quarter - 2015

June 12, 2015 VTube-LASER v2.1.2 New model import features in STEP mode, tube label fixes, DRO transparency, now handles floating point systems that use commas rather than decimal points for measuring. Vtube-laser 2.1.2 hvac with points.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - First Quarter - 2015

February 16, 2015 VTube-LASER v2 New VTube Path Manager, New Winton WMC Bender Data Setup Editor, other fixes and enhancements. Vtube-laser 2.00 WintonBenderDataSetupEditor.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Third Quarter - 2014

Novermber 25, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.99 "Pull arm from cradle" message removed for automatic scan modes. Added green arm connected LED lamp to Arm Utilities menu. New CSM M4 and Alpine M4 bender correction. Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png
November 12, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.98 Changes to transfer of bender adjustment values into Bender Setup menu. Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png
November 7, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.97 Two new import types are added to VTube-STEP: Laservision CSV and SolidWorks 3DSketch Vtube-step-1.97 import SolidWorks 3DSketch.png
October 27, 2104 VTube-LASER v1.96 High density point scans draw faster on the screen. Increased maximum stripe resolution for compatibility with the v6 scanner. Critical fix for Split Bend. Point clouds draw in viewport in realtime starting in this version. Point labels are more efficient. Languages updated. Vtube-laser-1.96 SplitBend .png

September 1, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.94 Now permanently store every measured and aligned data iteration in the Tube Data Storage feature. Vtube-laser-1.94 tubedatastorage.png

July 23, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.93 The Default Tolerance value is moved into the Part Setup menu for convenience. Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png
July 15, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.92 New export to Eaton Leonard Laservision spreadsheet in VTube-STEP (included with VTube-LASER). Other minor fixes. Vtube-step-1.92 screenshot.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Second Quarter - 2014

June 30, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.91 New Leapfrog allows arm to measure very long tubes, redesign of automatic alignment math, fixed bug in end trim distance math, new expanded inspection data grids, new +/- tolerances for XYZ intersection deviations

Threetargets closeup.png

April 15, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.90 Alpine bender - output as roll bend, fixes to minor bugs in counts on the display, saves the imported model to the project file, improved QuickLoad, Bender Data ehancements

Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - First Quarter - 2014

March 25, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.89 Fix for disappearing floating windows, LED indicates arm connected, added new sound for calc complete, multicolor Guide window depending on current viewport mode

Vtube-laser 1.89 mainscreen.png

March 11, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.88 Critical fix for FARO driver change for using ball probes. Adjustment Enhancements in UniScan mode for using the ball probe. New stripe count in the DRO when using the scanner.

Vtube-laser 1.87 mainscreen.png

February 25, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.87 New UniScan. New cylinder spike filter. New Quick Load window. New red button to early stop stripe scanning. Added Radius output to Winton ECNC4 communications.

Vtube-laser 1.87 mainscreen.png

January 20, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.86 Addressed issues with windows disappearing on certain Dell laptops during measurement. Added AddisonMckee IV enhanced communications features. VTube now stores the bender number with the project file save.


January 2, 2014 VTube-LASER v1.85.1 Optimized to be faster than previous versions, Memory leaks plugged in the Alignment feature, Benderlink setup menu enhanced, timers optimized for faster performance. Added both + and - tolerances to the end lengths, added color to XYZ intersection deviations in reports

Vtube-1.85.1 endlength plusminustolerance envelopes.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Third Quarter - 2013

July 29, 2013 VTube-LASER v1.83 Function shortcut keys, new right side menus are grid-based, can collapse, can change font sizes, can change widths, Bender Setup menu tracks last date/time of communications in both directions, TubeCalc elongation converter, Supravision export repaired, much more...

Vtube-laser-1.83-allcollapsed menus.png

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Second Quarter - 2013

June 19, 2013 VTube-LASER v1.82 Measure rectangular tube, automatic build to SolidWorks Vtube-laser-aligned rectangular.jpg
April 19, 2013 VTube-LASER v1.81.6 New FARO arm utilities menu. Vtube-laser-1.82 armutilitieswindow.jpg

April 2, 2013 VTube-LASER v1.81.5 New features added to the Language Editor, fix to Point Label Balloons Vtube-laser-1.81.4.graphicpointlabels2.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - First Quarter - 2013

March 28, 2013 VTube-LASER v1.81.4 MANY new features - like balloon point labels, new reports, new copy/paste grids, new copy model to clipboard as bitmap Vtube-laser 1.81.4.jpg
February 22, 2013 VTube-LASER v1.81.3 New UNDO feature. Moved configuration files to a new location to make multiple-user installations simpler. Vtube-laser dro with captionbox.jpg
Unreleased VTube-LASER v1.81.1 Enhanced Transfluid communication protocol. Adjusted Ribbon calculation output. Vtube-laser 1.81.jpg
January 8, 2013 VTube-LASER v1.81 New Winton ECNC 4 protocol for bender correction, new transform centerline so that any bend is true, new separate templates for STEP and LASER modes. Vtube-laser 1.81.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Fourth Quarter - 2012

November 26, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.80.1 Resolved grid text header draw issue, silenced error when now sound drivers present Vtube-laser 1.78.jpg
November 20, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.80 New centerline TRANSFORMATION feature - make any bend true with the radius value centered. Fixed an end trim bug for one bend parts. Vtube-laser 1.78.jpg
November 9, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.79 New export to CAM2 Measure 10 - either MASTER or MEASURED. New radius table in XYZ popup grid for storing often used radii - both nominal and true (undercut), and more Vtube-laser 1.78.jpg

October 3, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.78 New "Supplier" field in Part Setup. New pop-up menu features - set 0,0,0 in any row, and mirror image the part. New output master LRA with springback to Supravision file. New report with springback in master LRA data. Vtube-laser 1.78.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Third Quarter - 2012

August 28, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.77.4.4 Updated Chinese for v1.77 Vtube-laser 1.77.4.jpg
August 20, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.77.4.3 Minor revision: Works better with foreign date/times. Vtube-laser 1.77.4.jpg
August 14, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.77.4 Serious enhancement in Automatic Weighting in Best Fit. Recent Project File List. New "Save" - not just "Save As...". Floating Pulldown menus. Vtube-laser 1.77.4.jpg
August 8, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.77.3 Material now changes length with new End Adjustment Length Values, brand new orientation control with axis images, repaired cut length calculation. Vtube-laser 1.77.3.jpg
August 4, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.77.2 Fine-tune Cut Plane model display Vtube-laser v1.77.jpg
August 3, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.77.1 Allows the Cut Plane model display to be switched off. Vtube-laser v1.77.jpg

August 1, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.77 HUGE UPDATE - Automatic weighting during Best Fit alignment, Hard Point alignment, new Part Setup fields, Chinese translation, new STEP interface for inputs, new damping in report, new Polar calculator... Vtube-laser v1.77.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - First Quarter - 2012

March 31, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.76.3 Automatic Damping Correction feature prevents overcorrection Vtube-pro 1 76.3.jpg
March 15, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.76 Coping layout feature Vtube-pro 1 76.jpg
February 9, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.75.4 Merge bends feature Vtube-laser 1 75.jpg
February 7, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.75.3 Automatic Closeup of Last Measure feature. Vtube-laser 1 73.jpg
February 2, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.75.1 Page numbers are added to bottom of report. Fix to move to previous when remeasure. Vtube-laser 1 73.jpg
January 15, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.75 Scanner setup save to project is enhanced. The cylinder fit tolerance qualification is enhanced for better measuring experience. New cylinder fit error checks are added to assure good measurements. Vtube-laser 1 73.jpg
January 5, 2012 VTube-LASER v1.74 Scanner setup is now saved with the project file. It is now possible to skip either end measurement. The end-scan qualification logic is improved. Vtube-laser 1 73.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Fourth Quarter - 2011

October 19, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.73 Fine tuning for FARO Edge arm. The Cut Plane offset value is now displayed in interface. Cut Plane offset is now adjustable without remeasure. Sounds trimmed so that they play for shorter times. Vtube-laser 1 73.jpg
October 10, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.72 Deep scanning with up to 200 stripes per straight now allowed. Vtube-laser 1 71b.jpg
October 4, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.71 New transparent envelope models. Vtube-laser 1 71b.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Third Quarter - 2011

September 20, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.70 Enhanced the accuracy of inspection mathematics in special situations. Vtube-laser 1 70.jpg
September 1, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.69 Enhanced Measure Setup menu links to more Faro menus. New report values show arm and probe values like calibration dates, 2 sigma values. VTube-LASER Programmer license mode. Vtube-laser 1 69.jpg
August 8, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.68 New Excel report builder, revised Overbend calculator, new options in the Bender Setup screen, new tab menus in Master data. Vtube-laser excel.jpg
July 18, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.67 New Split Bend for precisely splitting angles that approach and exceed 180 degrees. New connect and disconnect from the arm. Vtube-laser screen 1 67.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Second Quarter - 2011

May 27, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.66 New save changes dialog, in-process bend angle correction Vtube-laser screen 1 66.jpg
May 19, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.65 Increased the accuracy of the radius stripe scan method for measuring bend radii, enhanced the Winton bender protocol, added invert rotation check boxes to the bender setup page, added new report charts Vtube-laser screen 1 65.jpg
May 10, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.64b Added Transfluid bender communications, added new radius stripe scan method for measuring bend radii Vtube-laser-transfluid communication.jpg
April 6, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.63d Resolved issue with end-scan qualification with ball probe Vtube-laser 1 63.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - First Quarter - 2011

March 31, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.63 Choose from multiple custom reports on the screen. Add and edit custom report templates to VTube-LASER. Vtube-laser 1 63.jpg
March 11, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.62 End scan qualifications are much faster, new progress dialog for when end-scan is taking more time with new process cancel button Vtube-laser 1 62.jpg
March 04, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.61 New end labels identify the ends of the tube and automatic diameter handling fixes Vtube-laser 1 61.jpg
February 21, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.6 Important end-scan outlier point detection and prevention, continuous tactile scan, faster redraws, improved user interface Vtube-laser 1 6.jpg
February 7, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.59 Ball probe measurements and laser measurements now work properly together in the same tube measure. Vtube-laser 1 57.jpg
January 18, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.58 New "Construct Tube" feature that allows users to route a tube in 3D space by pointing the arm, increase or decrease points and straights on the fly when measuring tubes Vtube-laser 1 58 constructtube closeup.jpg
January 13, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.57 Supravision Import, faster alignment, improved Bender Setup, many other changes Vtube-laser 1 57.jpg
January 6, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.56 New springback compensation variables, new items in the inspection report - like the new XYZ deviation report, bender data setup menu enhanced, invert rotation feature Vtube-laser 1 56 bendersetupmenu.jpg
January 3, 2011 VTube-LASER v1.55 New enhanced radius measurement Vtube-laser radius segment measurement graphic.jpg

Gears view small.png VTube-LASER - Fourth Quarter - 2010

December 25, 2010 VTube-LASER v1.54 New DRO (digital readout), realtime intersection points, other enhancements Vtube-laser dro closeup.jpg

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