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Vtube-step logo.jpg

Revision 1.77.2

Vtube-step 1.77.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Special Features Calculator - POLAR Calculations

Right click on any cell in the MASTER XYZ grid, and choose Special Features Calculator to use a calculator that lets you convert calculated polar coordinates on prints when you must convert from an angle/distance to horizontal/vertical Cartesian XYZ values.

Vtube 1.77 PolarPrintExample.jpg

Vtube 1.77 SpecialFeaturesCalculatorOnTopOfGrid.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Special Features Calculator - SUM Calculations

Right click on any cell in the MASTER XYZ grid, and choose Special Features Calculator to use a calculator that lets you quickly sum coordinates on prints when you must accumulate Cartesian XYZ values.

Vtube 1.77 SumPrintExample.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Special Features Calculator - STORE Values

Right click on any cell in the MASTER XYZ grid, and choose Special Features Calculator to store values for copying to other cells in VTube. For example, you could quickly copy a value to the cells below the current cell.

Vtube 1.77 StoreValuesPrintExample.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Adjustable Import/Export Interface with New Choices

The Import/Export interface is now expandable/compressible.

You can display or hide protocol choices in the interface.

New imports and exports were added:

  • Example of a new IMPORT: Solid Edge XpresRoute bender files in the TXT format

  • Example of a new EXPORT: SMI bender format

(Note about the XpresRoute import: This file format uses bender LRA data to define the tube shape, therefore the original orientation of the part is lost during export from Solid Edge. Also this file does not contain the tube diameter. However, it does bring in the part name, the linear display unit, the cut length, and the LRA bender data.)

Vtube-step v1.77 import export.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Added Several New fields in Part Setup

Customers requested several new fields in the Part Setup menu - so we added them:

These new fields are available for the reports templates, and they are saved the VTP project file.

Vtube-pro 1 76.4 PartSetup.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: New End Length Adjustment Fields

These new fields allow you to dynamically adjust the end lengths during calculation of the bender data LENGTH columns.

These values act like the TubeCalc material end length fields - and allows that data to be imported.

Vtube-step end length adjustment fields.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Changed End Trim Offset Field Names

The original End Trim Offset field names were changed by default to "Solid Model Offset" to reflect how these values are used in VTube.

These values adjust the end point location relative to the solid model when the centerline is calculated from the solid model.

Vtube-step end solid model offsets.jpg

Check.jpg NEW: Reset Origin to Zero in XYZ Data

Now you can reset the origin in the XYZ data to ZERO in VTube-STEP.

Vtube-step reset origin.jpg

Check.jpg REPAIR: TubeCalc Project File Linear Units Import Properly

Linear units are now always properly imported into VTube from TubeCalc files.

Previous versions would sometimes improperly interpret the Inch or Millimeter setting in the TubeCalc file.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: The Linear Units Switches to the Import File Units

VTube now always switches to the linear units used in the imported TubeCalc, Solid Edge, or Supravision file.

Check.jpg ENHANCED: TubeCalc Project Imports Include More Values

The following values were added to TubeCalc imports in this version:

From TubeCalcTo VTube
Customer NameSmall right green arrow.pngCustomer
Material NameSmall right green arrow.pngMaterial Spec
UserSmall right green arrow.pngAuthor
Material Offset 1Small right green arrow.pngA-End Length Adjust
Material Offset 2Small right green arrow.pngB-End Length Adjust
Measuring Center Offset ASmall right green arrow.pngA-End Measured Offset
Measuring Center Offset BSmall right green arrow.pngB-End Measured Offset

Check.jpg FIXED: Projection Tolerances Now Change Units Properly

The projection tolerance now handles a change in linear units properly.

Projection tolerances allow VTube to know how precise it must be to qualify a projection intersection as successful. Some models have less precise surfaces - so the tolerance needs to be increased for a successful calculation of centerline.

Vtube v1.77 projectiontoleranceedit.jpg

Check.jpg ENHANCED: Report Formatting Updated

The report formatting is updated with larger and bolder tiles.

Vtube v1.77 reportformat.jpg

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