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This page describes the VTube-LASER Software Maintenance Plan by answering common questions about the plan.

"What is a Software Maintenance Plan and why is it important?

Software maintenance gives each license purchaser two important features:

Automatic Updates

You have purchased access to software updates for a period of time. You have also purchased updates to new manuals in the PDF format. We notify all VTube customers on an e-mail broadcast list that will automatically notify you when an update is available. Each update requires a unique password that we will share with you when you request it.

Technical Support

You have purchased access to technical support for a period of time. We will take your calls to help you with software questions or issues without asking you to purchase our LogMeIn Rescue service plan.

"How long is the Software Maintenance Plan in effect?"

For each initial VTube-LASER license:

If you purchase on-site training

You will receive a ONE YEAR Software Maintenance Plan.

If you do not purchase on-site training

You will receive a 30 DAY Software Maintenance Plan.

Before each SMP expires, you can choose to either renew or let the SMP lapse. It is completely optional.

"Why does the initial SMP period change depending on whether or not I purchase on-site training?"

On-site training ensures your success with VTube-LASER. Not only does it fast-track your learning process, but it also allows our teachers to give your team personal coaching in your environment and with your application. This allows us to address any unique issues that you face at your site. For us, it reduces the post-sale support significantly.

Taking advantage of on-site support is a win-win for both parties. Therefore, if you purchase on-site training, we will automatically extend your SMP period to one year after we send you the hardware key (dongle) activation email.

"How do you track Software Maintenance Plans?"

Each hardware key (dongle) has a serial number value that is unique to that key. Advanced Tubular Technologies tracks licenses by that serial number. You can access the key serial number any time by using our KeyCheck program. We record and track the software maintenance plan linked to the serial number. Our staff can share the term of the plan with you at any time through e-mail. Please request the information from Dawne Baker at dawne.baker@advancedtubular.com.

"How do we keep our maintenance agreement current?"

Advanced Tubular Technologies keeps track of each maintenance subscription and will automatically notify you 90 days and 30 days prior to your maintenance subscription expiration date and send you a renewal quotation when you request it.

  • 90 Days Before Expiration: We notify you by email the first time. (If your SMP period is one year.)
  • 30 Days Before Expiration: We notify you by email again.

"When does the maintenance term start?"

The start date for all maintenance programs starts when we e-mail you the hardware key activation code – then round forward to the start of the next month.

"What are the terms for Software Maintenance Plans?"

The plan terms are “prepaid.”

"My company has multiple licenses. Do we need to purchase one plan for each license?"

Yes - if you want to renew the plans annually. Each license requires its own service plan.

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