Running NLM as a Service Using FireDaemon

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To run NLM as a service that can run even when users log off in Windows, we recommend that you install and run FireDaemon Pro. You can purchase a license at the FireDaemon web site.

Install the version for the processor that your system uses (32 bit or 64 bit), then follow the setup steps below to allow NLM to run as a service.

Steps for FireDaemon Setup


After you install both NLM and FireDaemon, run FireDaemon and Create a new service:

FireDaemon CreateNewService.png


We recommend that you enter values like those shown in the boxes. The short name cannot have spaces.

Press the ellipses button to find and select the attnlm.exe file.

Press the OK button.

FireDaemon NewServiceDefintion.png


The NLM will be running as a service now.

The Task Manager Process list will show attnlm.exe running - even though it is not running in your Windows as a regular application.

FireDaemon NLMServiceRunning.png


An optional step is to save the FireDaemon setup to an XML file using the File Save feature at the top of FireDaemon.

You can safely close the FireDaemon program. It will continue to run in the background - even if you logoff.

FireDaemon always remembers its last setup - even if the computer is shutdown.