How to Measure a short end-straight with a flange

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How to Measure a Short End Straight with a Flange in VTube-LASER

Vtube-laser screen 1 65.jpg

Difficult End Flanges

Vtube-laser endflange image1.jpg

End flanges can cause challenges when a bend is coming out of the flange. There is no first straight available where the tube comes out of the flange.

Vtube-laser endflange image2.jpg

Step 1 - End Scan

Start the TUBE measure feature in the MEASURE PROCESS menu, then switch the laser off for the end-scan use the ball probe to collect the end of the tube.

Vtube-laser endflange ballprobe endscan.jpg

Step 2 - Straight Measure

When measuring the straight, switch the laser off again. Probe the inside of the cylinder as shown here.

  • Measure along the first end of the cylinder shown in red points. Measure 3 points minimum. Do not take in a continuous stream of points, as the location of each point is much more critical.

  • Press the red button, then measure along the second part of the short straight as shown with the green cylinder.

  • Press the red button when finished with the second part of the straight.

Vtube-laser endflange ballprobe insidecylinderscan.jpg

Step 3 - Cylinder Fit Error

  • When measuring a short straight like this, the cylinder fit error window will most like display. This is normal as the straight is so short. Decide if the fit numbers are acceptable. If they are just over the tolerance, then you can press "continue".

Vtube-laser cylinderfit accuracies dialog.jpg

  • There is a second cylinder fit dialog that will not allow you to move forward. If this dialog displays, then the cylinder fit engine could not work with the points scanned to create a cylinder. You must remeasure in this case.

Vtube-laser cylinderfit outoftolerance dialog.jpg

  • The image shows a short first cylinder measured from a 45mm diameter tube.

Vtube-laser cylinderfit shortcylinder.jpg