How to Measure Tubes Attached to an Evaporator

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Follow these steps to use Diameter Cut Plane in order to measure a tube assembly attached to an evaporator.

Step 1

Vtube-laser v2.6 evaporator tubes step1.png

Step 2

Vtube-laser v2.6 evaporator tubes step2.png

Step 3

Vtube-laser v2.6 evaporator tubes step3.png

Step 4

Vtube-laser v2.6 evaporator tubes step4.png

Optional Step 5 - Transfer Tubes to SOLIDWORKS

  • Build the tube to the SOLIDWORKS.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 for the second tube.

Vtube-laser v2.6 evaporator tubes step5.png

Optional Step 6 - Build an Assembly in SOLIDWORKS

  • Build an assembly from the two parts measured.

Vtube-laser v2.6 evaporator tubes step6.png

Videos Showing DCP

Video 60: Diameter Cut Plane - Quick Tutorial

Michael Cone explains the concept behind the DCP (Diameter Cut Plane) feature and demonstrates how it works. This is a new innovation added in version 2.6.


Video 59: Diameter Cut Plane - Quick Demo

This video shows what you can do with the DCP (Diameter Cut Plane) feature added in version 2.6. With DCP, even if the laser stripe is crosses multiple straights at the same time, it finds and keeps the closest one - on-the-fly. It even filters out non-diameter objects that are behind the top diameter.

Vtube-laser v2.6 cutplane video.png