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We use this software for when our software cannot access the key or returns unexpected errors. This software was written by Aladdin developers. If it cannot read the key, then the issues are deeper than our software, and we report this to Aladdin directly.


This is a link to that program:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Unzip and run the aksdiag32_setup.exe file.
  3. Copy the two DLL files into the C:\Program Files\Aladdin\DiagnostiX folder (in the same folder as the diagnostix.exe file).
  4. Please determine which kind of key you have before running the diagnostix.exe program. Look for letters YQGMB or IGBXA. If you have YQGMB, then rename the custom_time.dll to custom.dll. If you have the IGBXA, then rename the other one to custom.dll.
  5. Run the diagnostix.exe program.
  6. Select the red HASP icon in the tree view (left side)
  7. Select the "Use customized file" radio button. This will indicate to the program that it needs to use the custom.dll to enter unique unlocking codes to our hardware keys.
  8. Press Check Key

The Key Access History log should show information. If there is a failure, then information will be red.


By checking the "Save memory to reports file (encrypted)" feature, you can save extended data to an encrypted "memory.xml" file. We can read this file for in-depth analysis of the information in the key. (The file is encrypted - customers cannot read the contents of the file without our help.)

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