VTube-LASER v1.97

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Revision 1.97

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Check.jpg ENHANCED: Two New Import Types in VTube-STEP

VTube-STEP mode is included with VTube-LASER. All imports occur in STEP mode.

  • Import Laservision CSV Files - This is a file created by the Eaton Leonard Laservision measuring center. The file includes part number, a comment field, linear unit value, centerline XYZ coordinates, radii, diameter, and default tolerance.

  • Import SolidWorks 3DSketch of a tube centerline. This feature requires that SolidWorks is installed on the same computer as VTube. It extracts data directly from SolidWorks.

See VTube-STEP v1.97 for more information about the changes in this version.

Transfer laservision to vtubelaser.png
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