VTube-LASER Near Pass Deviation

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About Near Pass Deviation

The point at which two 3D lines are the closest to each other is where they come closest to intersecting. The distance is the “nearest pass.”

Vtl nearest pass illustration.png

How it is used in VTube-LASER

VTube-LASER checks for and displays the Nearest Pass value when measuring two intersecting tube straights. If the value is too high, then VTube-LASER will ask you to remeasure the tube until the value is within tolerance. The default tolerance for Nearest Pass is 2mm.

Vtl nearest pass cylinder fit window.png

How To Change the Tolerance

You can change the tolerance by entering System Options, Measure 1 menu and changing the Maximum Near Pass Deviation Allowed value.

This value is saved uniquely for each project.

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Vtl nearest pass max deviation2.png

You can change the tolerance when measuring by pressing the gear button at the top of the Cylinder Fit Data window.

Vtl cylinderfitdata gearbutton.png


See DCF - Dual Cylinder Fit